Our Caviar

MOTTRA CAVIAR is the top of the top due to:


Pure artesian water that is taken from artesian well 150 m deep for sturgeon caviar production. Completely free of heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides, dioxins and other by-products of modern human life, which surround all of us in everyday life.


Crystal clean pure caviar without any preservatives or other chemicals that are found in the caviar of other producers.

No antibiotics are used due to fish tanks being concealed in the building from the environmental impact on the livelihood of fish. There is also no need to treat the fish due to absence of flying birds which transport diseases in nature.


Always fresh caviar, unlike other producers who produce caviar only once in Spring and Autumn, MOTTRA CAVIAR is producing it everyday throughout the whole year, so on the Christmas Eve, caviar will be as fresh as on the Easter Holiday.


Perfect texture and taste that has been reached by the know-how and utmost care.

Mottra Caviar, 100% Safe, Legal & Ethical

Certified by CITES, HACCP, Approved by the European Union & Member of Slow Food.
Due to over-harvesting of wild sturgeon in the past, these species are now on the endangered species list, making it illegal and unethical to harvest caviar without proper certifications, even in closed systems and Mottra is proud to have earned its CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certificate.

Mottra is also committed to food safety. Before we packed our first jar of caviar, we passed the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification. This is the food industry’s production control system, that allowed us to identify and correct any potential dangerous points in our processing and helped us to define strict management and monitoring systems, that we use on a daily basis, to ensure our food products are safe for our customers.


Mottra Siberian Osetra caviar has a grain-to-grain texture, a large diameter and a subtle flavor with absolutely no aftertaste. Siberian Osetra is one of the best sellers in the world and highly appreciated by gourmet experts


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